Date Subject Category
13 January Weather Prints M&C and Digital
17 February People Prints M&C and Digital
10 March Scapes Prints M&C and Digital
26 May Flora & Fauna (state if captive) C + Digital
30 June Mini-POTY Prints M&C and Digital
11 August Open M&C
15 September Print of the Year M&C
13 October Projected Image of the Year Digital only

N.B – M&C = Mono and Colour

So that you may be well prepared for next year here are the topics (but no date!!!).

Water  (M&C Prints & Digital)

People (M&C Prints & Digital)

Scapes (M&C Prints & Digital)

Hidden Faces (M&C Prints & Digital)

Mini-POTY (M&C Prints & Digital)

Open (M&C Prints & Digital)

Print of the Year (M&C Prints)

Projected Image of the Year (Digital)  


Digital images can be emailed to or handed to the Competition Secretary on a CDRom or

Memory stick marked with your name and entry details.

Prints to be handed in on Club Night at least one week before the competition date or earlier if there is no meeting on the week prior.

Digital Image size 1400px X 1050px

Trade processed prints are accepted in print competitions.